Chautauqua Miniatures 


Welcome to our online mini store!!


There are finished dollhouses of every kind, dollhouse kits, exquisite hand crafted artisan miniatures, dollhouse furniture and accessories in one inch scale. We also carry a large variety of half-inch, quarter inch and 1/144th inch scale treasures!

  • Alessio Miniatures
  • Bespaq Fine Miniatures
  • Bright Delights
  • Clare Bell Brass and Lighting - Made in the USA
  • Chrysnbon
  • CirKit Electrical Supplies
  • Dragonfly International 
  • Hudson River Miniatures
  • Itsy Bitsy and Broadnax Miniature Print Wallpapers - Made in the USA
  • JBM
  • Majestic Mansions Dollhouses - Made in the USA
  • Houseworks
  • Town Square Miniatures
  • Handley House Miniatures
  • Reutter Porcelain
  • Handcraft Artisans - S & H Artisans, Taller Targioni of Spain, The Dolls Cobbler, NiGlo Lights and D Design Lighting (our own two Buffalo artists), Jim Pounder Bronze, Glasscraft of England, these are just a few of the outstanding artisans represented...


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